Daniel Rogerson


Spoken material by date

Includes all oral questions, debate and Westminster Hall contributions from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

29 March 2010
Second Home Ownership (Regulation)
23 March 2010

Grocery Market Ombudsman Bill (Ways and Means)
9 March 2010

Local Government (Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk)
2 March 2010

Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon (Local Government) [Westminster Hall]
1 March 2010

Social Security
24 February 2010

Property Taxation [Westminster Hall]
9 February 2010

Out-of-Hours GP Services
2 February 2010

Education Maintenance Allowance [Westminster Hall]
Flood and Water Management Bill
27 January 2010

Dairy Farming [Westminster Hall]
Water and Sewerage (South-west) [Westminster Hall]
12 January 2010

Local Radio [Westminster Hall]
10 December 2009

Central and Local Government
Topical Questions
8 December 2009

Local Government Finances
2 December 2009

Citizens Advice Bureaux [Westminster Hall]