Angela E (Basildon) Smith


Spoken material by date

Includes all oral questions, debate and Westminster Hall contributions from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

11 March 2010
Assistance to Communities [Westminster Hall]
10 March 2010

Departmental Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Grassroots Grants
Music Licensing Levies
27 January 2010

2011 Census
Advice and Advocacy Services
Charities (Regulatory Burden)
Grassroots Grant Programme
NHS Charities
Voluntary Sector (Government Funding)
18 January 2010

Charity Trustees
7 January 2010

Lobbying (Whitehall) [Westminster Hall]
9 December 2009

2011 Census
Government Statistics
Information Commissioner
Local Organisations (Funding)
Social Exclusion
Social Inclusion
Third Sector Recession Action Plan