Memorandum submitted by Tania Berlow (CS 20)


It has been suggested that only a few (minority) of home educators are disgruntled with the conduct of the Review, of the disregarding of the consultation results and the dreadful use of statistics.  If the Local Authorities made no effort to contact the parents of the 18,900 children who are registered with them to inform them that there was a review and that they could respond to a consultation, how does this population know what is happening unless they belong to email lists or are told at a home educating group? (at one of my groups we never talk politics as a rule) If the LAs do not give any practical support to home educating families (for the most part) is it not part of the job to at least inform people of proposed legislation that the LAs themselves are responding to which may have serious implications  for many of these families ?

I met a family last week who had no idea anything was happening - at least nothing bigger than the  consultations that have happened since 2006. They read one national newspaper and apparently missed the June 11th edition (Independent)  and have not attended groups for  a few months.  How is it possible that the stakeholders, the very people this will most effect have not been even informed?  It cannot be considered the responsibility of an LA to inform the population who has chosen not to have contact with that Local Authority but there are many families out  there still unaware of the implications of this review and the CSF Bill.  If this bill goes through what measures will the government take to inform people they are now breaking the law if they do not register?


January 2010