Memorandum submitted by Lorena Hodgson (CS 25)


I would like to submit two related points for the committee to consider. Simply, did LAs inform any of the currently registered Home Educators in their area of the Badman Review and the current bill and all the processes in between? And then also how do they or the government plan to notify all Home Educators of the new bill, if it becomes law?

I only know of these plans through the internet groups and local groups of which I'm a member, but I have met some local families doing very well that are not part of our group, and as far as I know not known to the LA.

This is of concern partly because they are "out of the loop" on such a potential major change to their life; but also, the bill as it stands says that LAs can ignore any home education that took place before families were registered, if they did not register voluntarily! Surely that is completely unfair to current home educating families as well as families with under 5s who have been considering HE and simply do not register for school?


January 2010