Memorandum submitted by Andrew Sheerman-Chase (FW 01)


Submitted to the Public Bill Committee by Andrew Sheerman-Chase MSc DIC CEng FICE


Proposal to reduce the volume covered by Act to 10,000 cubic metres


1. I am an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer appointed under the Reservoirs Act 1975.


2. I am against proposal in the Bill to reduce the volume of a reservoir covered by legislation to 10,000 cubic metres. Under the present Reservoirs Act the volume is 25,000 cubic metres and this in my opinion should be retained.


3. Although there are over 2,000 reservoirs under the present Act, since 1925, there have been no fatalities due to reservoir failure.


4. There is no economic justification for the reduction. Any high risk reservoirs less than 25,000 cubic metres can be dealt with minor changes to the present Act.


5. If this proposal goes through it will impose a financial burden on small reservoir owners and will involve the employment of more civil servants for administration.


6. This proposal should be rejected.







December 2009