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Supplementary memorandum submitted by FSB


  The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) as part of the newly-formed Independent Pub Confederation was delighted to recently provide written evidence to the Committee ahead of its oral evidence session on 8 December.

  During the oral evidence session, which the FSB attended, Mr Michael Clapham MP cited our written evidence which concerned the exclusion of RICS from the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS). It is on this matter that I would like to clarify our position.

  The FSB understands that RICS runs a dispute resolution service body that appoints and regulates the arbitration process for the rent review process in 99 per cent of cases, appointing 11,000 arbitrators every year.

  The FSB understands that when the PIRRS scheme was created, RICS were keen to be involved and offered their support in the scheme's development. However their offer of assistance was rejected. The FSB notes that there is no representative from RICS on the PIRRS Board of Directors, but acknowledges that a significant number of the arbitration experts appointed by PIRRS are also RICS members. The FSB also notes that David Rusholme, who represented RICS at the evidence session was not asked about the PIRRS scheme by the Committee.

7 January 2010

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Prepared 4 March 2010