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Memorandum submitted by Mike Goff

  Enterprise/Brulines have accused me of buying 102.75 bulk barrels off tie, this I have strongly denied. They have sent me a "damages" fine by way of an invoice, to be paid by 1 February 2010, of over £20,000 and have added this on to my rent account, which will make it look as if I am defaulting on my agreed rent in the event that this sum is not paid by this date. This would also indicate a 20+% increase in trade! (which is a physical impossibility considering the state of the licensing trade).

  Drew Milne (Regional Manager) from Enterprise told me I was being fined this £20,000 plus for buying off tie and that Brulines could prove this and the "barristers" would take me to court if need be. I was offered the option of paying a reduced fine of maybe £4,000 or £5,000 if I admitted to a buying a smaller amount off tie. This made me feel very intimidated and panicky.

  I refused to agree with information on the 22 December 2009 and on the 15 January 2010 the £20,000+ invoice was raised on the rent account, with a payment date of 1 February 2010. There was no other communication during these dates.

  At my request Brulines have sent me flow charts dated from 21 October 2008 to 29 September 2009, Brulines had not contacted me with any queries to say we were in disagreement over their readings and my purchases, this has come as a bolt out of the blue. My tenancy started July 2007 and I have requested these flow charts as there must be a starting point from where Brulines meters started being at fault. During this alleged "buying out" period, Brulines have been into my premises and "repaired" numerous pieces of equipment.

  I have since been in touch with Trading Standards and hopefully an appointment will be arranged very shortly to check the accuracy of their metering equipment.

27 January 2010

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