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Memorandum submitted by Eddie Murphy

  I have been in the licence trade for 30 years and so much of the difficulty we are experiencing has been bought about by diluted legislation from Parliament. When Lord Young looked into our business his initial reaction was the same as the BESC inquiry in that he was appalled and vowed to break the hold on free trade. I can only assume then that the lobbyists got to work on him and we ended up with a watered down version that was immediately taken by the beerage and we were back to square one. The very same has happened again this time. I assume this as, once again, we are hearing of the thousands of happy people running pubs for Punch and Enterprise. How are their low cost entry and support packages are maintaining the ability to compete with free trade outlets?

  I now work as a consultant mainly for groups in administration, the only pub I am involved in is free of tie and very successful! It is not in my interest to see the tie abolished but to once again see what I genuinely believe to be sincere politicians being fed misinformation by the beerage is very sad!

  I strongly suspect that if anyone ever reads this it will be dismissed as the usual whinging from embittered individuals which is very sad, if you are in a position to give us a voice please help those thousands of people who desperately need it!

4 November 2009

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Prepared 4 March 2010