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Letter from the Chair to Irene Rosenfeld, Chief Operating Officer and Chairman, Kraft Foods Inc. (25 March 2010)

You will be aware that Marc Firestone gave evidence before my Committee on Tuesday 16 March. At that meeting Mr Firestone gave us a number of commitments regarding Kraft's future plans for Cadbury.

As you were unable to attend our evidence session it would be helpful, as the head of Kraft, if you could confirm that the commitments given by Mr Firestone are Kraft policy and that you stand by his testimony. This would confirm to us that we have absolute clarity on the future of Cadbury.

My Committee hopes to agree a Report on the matter on Tuesday 30 March. It would therefore be helpful if I could receive your response by Monday 29 March.

I apologise for the short notice of this request but I am sure that you appreciate that with a general election looming, we are under a very tight timetable.

I would very much like the opportunity to discuss your plans for Cadbury, in person, in the next Parliament.

I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Letter from Irene Rosenfeld, Chief Operating Officer and Chairman, Kraft Foods Inc. to the Chair of the Committee (29 March 2010)

Thank you for your recent letter. We welcomed the opportunity to give evidence to the Committee.

As Marc Firestone stated in his evidence, he appeared at my request and with authority to give commitments on behalf of the company. Therefore I am, of course, happy to endorse his testimony.

I hope this letter reaches you in time to fit in with your timetable for drafting the Committee's report.

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Prepared 6 April 2010