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1  Introduction

1. In October 2009 our Committee's remit was expanded to include further and higher education, reflecting the Machinery of Government changes which created the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. We take seriously this new area of responsibility and this is reflected in the fact that we have sought to incorporate an increased focus on both higher and further education in our ongoing work as well as, in the short time available to us, conducting this focused inquiry. It deals with the changes being made to the funding of post-19 skills training with the creation of the Skills Funding Agency. As the changes are being made on 1 April this year, this is necessarily an interim report.

2. We held two evidence sessions, one with the Association of Colleges, the Local Government Association, the South East of England Development Agency and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, and the second with the Skills Funding Agency, the Learning and Skills Council and the Young People's Learning Agency, followed by Kevin Brennan MP, Minister for Further Education, Skills, Apprenticeships and Consumer Affairs, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

3. In addition, we received a number of written submissions. We thank everyone for contributing to our inquiry.

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