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Annex D: Completed Business Ambassador Programme 2009

London - 14th Jan. Anna Mann (MWM) met with Paul Boateng, British High Commissioner for South Africa.

Oman - 21st Jan, Dick Olver (BAE Systems), accompanied by HMA, met with the Oman Minister for Commerce and senior business figures to discuss business opportunities in the market for UK plc.

Abu Dhabi - 22nd Jan, Dick Olver (BAE Systems), attended a lunch hosted by HMA, for 12 of Abu Dhabi's leading local business people.

Switzerland - 28th Jan - 1st Feb, Sir Victor Blank (Lloyds) recorded video diary/web blog, for London Summit.


Hong Kong - 5th Feb, Inward Investment Asia Pacific Seminar. Mervyn Davies nominated Cindy Tang, Head of Asia, Standard Chartered, to undertake the engagement.

Oxfordshire - 3-4th Feb, Advanced R&D/ Engineering Conference - Mervyn Davies, MfT delivered opening address.

Mexico - 6th Feb, Lord Rogers (RSHP) accompanied by HMA Giles Paxman, met with representatives from Mexico's Ministry of Transport & Telecommunications and the Office of the President.

London -10th Feb, Business Ambassadors Network Launch Event at Lancaster House, hosted by SoS, Lord Peter Mandelson.


Denmark - 2nd Mar, Dr John Hood (Oxford) chaired Oncology Conference in Copenhagen.

Barcelona - 5th March, Lord Richard Rogers met with British Consul-General and UKTI trade team.

Japan - 6th - 9th Mar, Sir Terence Conran met with a group of Japanese architects and developers and took part in media interview with Nikkei newspaper.

Birmingham & London - 11th Mar 2009, Digby Lord Jones & Sir Kevin Smith (GKN) participated in UKTI Advanced Engineering Global Strategy Launch with MfT Lord Mervyn Davies.

London - 10th Mar, Lord John Browne (Riverstone LLC) conducted a telephone interview with Figyelo (Hungarian equivalent of the Economist magazine) on Low Carbon Economy.

London - 23rd Mar, Anna Mann met with Brian Gallagher, British Trade Commissioner, Johannesburg.

London - 23rd Mar, Getenergy UK Education and Training Capability Conference. Dick Olver delivered keynote address.

Hong Kong - 24th Mar, Lord Richard Rogers & Frank Geary Exhibition - UKTI invited a number of Hong Kong industry figures.

London - 26th Mar, Doing Business in Asia Conference. Sir Kevin Smith (GKN) sat on high-level panel and discussed the importance of trade opportunities in Asia.

London - 30th Mar, Dick Olver (BAE) and Sir Kevin Smith (GKN) attended dinner with President Calderon of Mexico.


London - 1st April, Gerry Grimstone (Standard Life) took part in a live 10 minute TV interview with leading Indian news channel NDTV, on flagship 10pm bulletin.

Oxford - 2nd Apr, Biotrinity Seminar - Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) delivered opening address at Life Sciences seminar.

Hong Kong - 23rd Apr, Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) addressed Institution of Civil Engineers on 'Sustainable Urban Development' and attended Reception hosted by Andrew Seaton, BCG.

China - 17th - 19th Apr, Boao Forum - Gerry Grimstone (SL) participated in session 'Balancing Financial Innovation, Openness and Oversight' and met with Chinese inward investors.

Czech Republic -27th -28th Apr, Digby Lord Jones led UKTI International Business Network mission of 19 SMEs to Prague


Lebanon - 12th May, Lord Richard Rogers (RSHP) met with HMA in Beirut and discussed future BA engagements in the region.

London - 18th May, Dick Olver took part in one to one interview with UKTI Springboard Magazine.

Qatar - 31st May, Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) to undertake one to one meeting with HMA John Hawkins to discuss future BA engagements in Doha.


Russia - 4th Jun, Dr Chris Gibson-Smith (LSE) addressed International Economic Forum and attended Reception, hosted by HMA, with Economist, business people and key government officials.

Edinburgh - 4th Jun, Gerry Grimstone delivered keynote address on UK/India relations at Scottish Financial Enterprise.

China - 10th - 12th June, Sir Victor Blank (Lloyds) delivered keynote addresses at 3x BA engagements in Shanghai i.e. reception with Chevening Alumni; breakfast with the British Chamber of Commerce; and a seminar with the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies.

France - 15th - 16th June, Dick Olver (BAE) delivered short address at Paris Air Show Reception hosted by HMA.

South Africa -19th - 30th Jun. Digby Lord Jones took part in a series of UKTI T&I engagements in the margins of a private visit to Durban and Cape Town.

Argentina - 22nd June Dr Chris Gibson-Smith (LSE) attended a High-Level Business Dinner with key local business and govt contacts, hosted by HMA.

Brazil - 25th Jun, Dr Chris Gibson-Smith (LSE) attended High-Level Business Dinner with key local business and govt contacts, hosted by British Consul General.


South Africa - 3rd Jul. Digby Lord Jones delivered a keynote address at a UKTI Trade & Investment seminar in Johannesburg.

London - 16th July, Gerry Grimstone (Standard Life) attended a reception to mark the opening of the London Representative office of the China Merchants Bank


London - During month of August, all 18 Business Ambassadors had one-to-one telephone discussions with Andrew Cahn and shared their views on how the BA initiative had worked so far and how the role/service could be further enhanced in the future.

Hong Kong - 27th Aug, Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) took part in a series of press and media interviews with South China Morning Post and other local media outlets.


Aberdeen - 9th Sept, Offshore Europe - Lord John Browne delivered keynote address at UKTI Energy Excellence seminar and sat on SPE panel session for Low Carbon Focused Oil & Gas.

Saudi Arabia - 13th Sept, Lord Richard Rogers met with Paul Williams, International Trade Director, British Embassy Riyadh, and discussed future BA engagements in the region.

Lebanon - 14th Sept, Lord Richard Rogers attended high-level dinner with 20 top architects/designers and engineers, hosted by HMA.

London - 16th Sept, Digby delivered keynote address to 200 US Business Leaders at the BA/UKTI Face of Opportunity Business Forum at Terminal 5 LHR.

London - 18th Sept, Sir Terence Conran (CH) took part in a media interview with the Monocle Magazine promoting the UK's creative industry sector.

Spain - 22nd Sept, Lord Richard Rogers (RSHP) met with HMA in Madrid to discuss future BA engagements in the market.

London - 23rd Sept, London Design Festival - Sir Terence Conran (CH) took part in a series of press and media interviews and met a high level inward delegation of potential design partners and investors


Turkey - 2nd Oct, Sir Phillip Hampton (J Sainsbury & RBS) addressed 10 major Turkish retailers in Istanbul on the opportunities in the UK retail sector at afternoon tea hosted by BCG.

Turkey - 2nd Oct, Marcus Agius (Barclays) delivered an update on the UK & global financial services sector to 11 key members of the Turkish Financial community.

London - 14th Oct, Sir Roger Bone (Boeing) delivered keynote address to 200 US Business Leaders from Los Angeles at the BA/UKTI Face of Opportunity Business Reception/ Forum.

London - 20th Oct, Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) chaired UAE/UK Education Sector Round Table (part of Middle East week)

China - 22nd Oct Dr Chris Gibson-Smith (LSE) addressed British Chamber of Commerce and provides an update on UK financial services sector.

London - 22nd October, International & Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF). Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) delivered keynote address at the conference.

China - 24th - 27th Oct, Lord Browne delivered key UK economic messages at the Beijing Energy Club.

USA - 25th Oct, Sir Terence Conran, had Breakfast/Brunch with Nick McInnes, Director Trade & Investment, New York, and discussed future BA events in the US


Saudi Arabia - 2nd Nov, Digby Lord Jones met with David Harries, Head of British Trade Office, Al Khobar and discussed future BA activities in the market.

Turkey - 5th Nov - Lord Rogers attended and spoke at an exclusive Design reception hosted by BCG, Istanbul at Pera House.

Australia - 12th Nov, Lord Richard Rogers (RSHP) took part in a Breakfast meeting in Sydney and delivered an address on "Richard Rogers Buildings & Cities'

Bahrain - 15th - 16th Nov, Digby Lord Jones undertook a series of BA calls on Bahraini Ministers; delivered the opening address at the GetEnergy Exhibition and lobbied on behalf of Rolls Royce.

London - Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL) provided Foreword for UKTI Brochure 'Building Sustainable Education'.

London - 18th Nov, Digby Lord Jones delivered keynote address to 200 US Business Leaders at the BA/UKTI Face of Opportunity Business Forum at the Hilton, Park Lane.

London - 19th Nov, Sir Roger Bone met with Nick McInnes, Director, Trade & Investment, BCG New York.

South Korea - 24th Nov, Lord Richard Rogers (RSHP) took part in a breakfast meeting with the BCCK i.e. local Chamber of Commerce

Kent - 23rd Nov, BA Network Dinner, hosted by Lord Mervyn Davies at Chevening.

Finland - 25th - 26th Nov, Lord Browne delivered keynote address on the UK's Renewables sector at HMA Business Circle Dinner for key Finnish (potential /existing) investors and delivered keynote address at Cleantech Venture Day.

Trinidad - 25th Nov, Paul Skinner (Chairman, Infrastructure UK) delivered keynote address at Network Business Breakfast in the margins of Commonwealth Heads of Govt Mission.


London - 2nd Dec, Digby Lord Jones took part in a press interview with Pittsburgh Business Times in advance of his visit to the US.

South Africa - 3rd - 7th Nov, Lord Jones attended Business Breakfast and delivered keynote address and undertook press interview with CNBC.

London - 14th Dec. Sir Terence Conran took part in a telephone, Raffles Conversation interview promoting the UK's Creative Industries.

USA - 14th - 16th Dec, Digby Lord Jones undertook a series of BA engagements focused on Innovation in Washington, Pittsburgh and Boston.

London - 17th Dec, Sir Roger Bone (Boeing UK) sat on a high-level panel for the Nordic/ UK Business Awards.

London - 17th Dec. 5x Business Ambassadors took part in the first Business Advisory Group Business Breakfast in the Locarno Suite at FCO.

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