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Letter to the Chairman from the Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo MP, Minister of State for Children, Young People and Families, Department for Children, Schools and Families

  I am writing to members of the Children, Schools and Families Committee in response to the request for written evidence ahead of the 9 December oral hearing on the Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF).

  In June 2007, the Government announced that local authorities (LAs) will be required to design and implement a single local funding formula for funding the Free Entitlement to early years provision for three and four year olds across all sectors. The aim is to improve fairness and transparency in the way that funding is allocated to providers who deliver the Free Entitlement, and thereby support its extension to 15 hours, to be delivered more flexibly by next year. The EYSFF should be fully implemented across England from April 2010. Nine formula development pilot authorities implemented their formula in April 2009, with the remaining LAs currently out to consultation with providers.

  My officials at the Department for Children, Schools and Families have supported local authorities to help them successfully implement their EYSFF by April 2010. Interim guidance was produced in July 2008 with final practice guidance published in July 2009. I am submitting both documents as evidence for the Committees' consideration.[3] Since the publication of the final implementation guidance my officials have offered further support to all LAs, via Government Offices by attending a series of autumn regional events with an EYSFF focus. Officials have also commissioned EYSFF data returns from all LAs to allow the Department to collect data on each authority's proposed formula. I attach a copy of that template.[4]

  Finally attached as evidence is the recent letter I sent in October with supplementary guidance to all Directors of Children's Services with maintained nursery schools.[5]

November 2009

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