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Conclusions and recommendations

1  We are not convinced of the worth of involving select committees in public appointments unless Ministers are expected to give greater weight to the views of committees on the merits of a particular candidate. Also, as we said in our report on the appointment of the Children's Commissioner, we found it impossible to give a fully informed view on whether to endorse the preferred candidate, as we had no means of comparing her with other applicants. (Paragraph 25)

2  In general, if the Department does not agree with a recommendation, it should say so and provide a proper rationale. This would be more open than simply avoiding the issue or concealing non-acceptance with warm words. We also remind the Department that the Committee's reports are informed by opinion which may be more current than that which helped to form Government policy when it was first drawn up. The Department should not merely restate policy without re-examining fresh evidence such as that amassed by the Committee. (Paragraph 36)

3  We believe that in advocating a reduction in the size and number of committees and ending overlapping remits, the House of Commons Reform Committee—the "Wright Committee"—has proposed a way forward which deserves the support of the House. (Paragraph 37)

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Prepared 13 January 2010