The Work of the Committee in 2008-09 - Children, Schools and Families Committee Contents

1  Introduction

1.  This Report summarises the Committee's work in the 2008-09 Session. It is intended to inform all those who have an interest in the Committee's work, including Members of the two Houses of Parliament, Ministers and officials in the Department for Children, Schools and Families, agencies and organisations working in the children and schools sectors, and interested members of the public. In preparing this Report, we have borne in mind the requirements of the Liaison Committee,[1] which customarily publishes a report each year on the work of the House's scrutiny select committees.

2.  Alongside the narrative, we attach as an Appendix the statistical information about the Committee's activities which is compiled on a sessional basis and which forms the Committee's entry in the Sessional Return.[2]

3.  This Report follows our usual custom and divides into two main sections: the first sets out the ways in which our work corresponds to the Objectives and Core Tasks defined by the Liaison Committee for departmentally-related select committees. The second provides a short commentary on matters which we would particularly like to draw to the attention of the Liaison Committee.

4.  We take this opportunity to thank all of those who have contributed to our work during this Session, whether by providing oral or written evidence, or by meeting us informally either on visits or at Westminster, or by providing specialist advice. Without that input, we would not be able to fulfil our remit.

1   The Liaison Committee considers general matters relating to the work of select committees Back

2   Sessional Return for 2008-09 to be published as HC 1, Session 2009-10. Back

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