Memorandum submitted by Flatts Nursery School


Please accept this written submission concerning the expected impact of the new Local Single Funding Formula on this Nursery School.


Briefly draft proposals for a Single Funding Formula in our Authority would lead to our particular Nursery school losing between 59000 and 71700 depending on which particular option is voted in.


Our Local Authority appears to be adopting a simple approach to the principles. They propose to provide a Flat Rate for all Early Years Providers i.e. 4.19 per hour with a weighted deprivation supplement. They appear to be shying away from differentiated base levels to manage legitimate cost differences i.e. running costs and management costs of a Nursery School.


It appears that not all PVIs and Independent schools were willing to present full cost information.


The impact of all this is that the expertise and specialism of our 'Outstanding' Nursery School which is in one of the most deprived wards in the authority is at risk. This would have a severe impact on the local community which this nursery school has served for almost 60 years and which is held in high regard for the progress that children and families make who spend time here.


November 2009