Memorandum submitted by Ian Grayson, Nut representative, Newcastle upon Tyne


1 The school day has been lengthened for Nursery staff by one hour a day. The schools have just assumed that the nursery teacher will take both 3 hour sessions every day.  Other teaching staff in the school have not been affected.

2 The break at lunch times for nursery staff has been shortened to fit in the two 3 hour sessions. Staff have to tidy up from one session and prepare resources / materials / equipment for the other afternoon session and attempt to have a break and get some lunch.

3 Nurseries in Newcastle were funded by places not as is now pupils. This has meant a reduction in education for some pupils and a reduction in staffing as the number of pupils is less than the places funding given by the LA.

4 Less teaching time for pupils from qualified teachers as funding has been reduced in real terms in Newcastle.

5 Other staff in schools with nurseries are having to wait around at the end of school days waiting for nursery staff to finish their teaching day before any staff meetings can commence. This is because nurseries are now finishing later than the rest of the school.

6 These changes have had an adverse affect on the work life balance of nursery teachers with increased workload and hours in an already very demanding role.


November 2009