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Examination of Witnesses (Question Numbers 600-603)


23 APRIL 2009

  Q600  Chairman: So you would not have broken it but then it was fine?

  Mr Dacre: No, I would not, but then it became a huge public story.

  Q601  Paul Farrelly: So you are saying seriously that despite your moral crusade to the community clean up public and private life you would not have broken that story if it fell into your lap?

  Mr Dacre: I really recoil from the phrase "moral crusade", but anyway, what was the question?

  Q602  Paul Farrelly: You would not have published that story if it fell into your lap, to coin a phrase?

  Mr Dacre: No. We are a family newspaper. Our readers would cancel the paper on it, and quite rightly too, but I defend the right of the News of the World to publish it.

  Q603  Chairman: Thank you. I think that is all we have.

  Mr Dacre: Can I apologise if I somewhat bored you? I was genuinely unaware you had read the speech.

  Chairman: Please do not worry. Thank you very much.

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