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Supplementary written evidence from the Daily Express

  I want to clear up a few points following my appearance before the select committee on Tuesday:

  I misunderstood one of the questions relating to circulation. I thought I had been asked what the circulation of the Daily Star was now compared with when I left the paper to join the Daily Express. In fact when I checked the tape recording I realised that the question related to the Daily Express. I attach the actual figures, which show that, discounting bulk sales (you remember I told you that we had decided to remove bulk sales) the circulation of the Daily Express is down 18.57%, period on period, compared with when I started as editor. I attach the relevant figures, together with those for other publications, which show that all are down, some more than others.


July-Dec 2003 July-Dec 2008diff %

Daily Express*967,145 740,647-226,498-23.42%
Daily Star**893,315 726,527-166,788-18.67%
D Mail2,460,3252,214,117 -246,208-10.01%
Sun3,452,2063,073,106 -379,100-10.98%
D Mirror1,940,0291,416,994 -523,035-26.96%
Times630,942619,456 -11,486-1.82%
Telegraph921,596845,167 -76,429-8.29%
Guardian385,998345,884 -40,114-10.39%
Independent227,741214,597 -13,144-5.77%
Fin Times434,704434,196 -508-0.12%
12,314,00110,630,691 -1,683,310-13.67%

*DX bulk sales Jul-Dec 2003 were 57,542.  Jul-Dec 2008 were zero excluding bulks the difference is 168,956 (-18.57%)

** DS bulk sales Jul-Dec 2003 were 90 copies.  Jul-Dec 2008 were zero

  I also want to make clear that when I said I had consulted a number of people on the question of whether I should resign from the PCC I meant people whose counsel I valued. These were not exclusively members of the PCC. I do not think I implied that I talked only to PPC people but I hope this will correct any misunderstanding.

  Finally, on the subject of the code of conduct, I have talked with our managing editor's office and we shall now send all our editorial staff a supplement to their contracts, requiring them to sign a declaration that they will abide by the code.

April 2009

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