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Further supplementary written evidence from the Master of the Rolls

  1.  I submit this supplementary memorandum to the Committee in order to further assist the Committee. I set out information received from Her Majesty's Court Service regarding publication trials and injunction hearings heard since 2008.


Case TypeCase Title Length of trialTrial Judge

January 2008
Libel Trumm v Norman2 days Tugendhat J
February 2008Privacy A & Another v Priory Healthcare Settled after
5 days
Tugendhat J
February 2008LibelIvereigh v Associated Newspapers Ltd. 10 daysEady J
April 2008LibelSharma v Singh 10 daysEady J
May 2008LibelAtlantis World Group v Gruppe Editoriale 4 daysSir Charles Gray
July 2008LibelApplause Ltd. v Raphael 3 daysMr. Richard Parkes QC
July 2008PrivacyMosley v News Group Newspapers Ltd. 5 daysEady J
October 2008LibelBrady v Norman 3 daysMr. Richard Parkes QC
October 2008LibelHussein v Farooq 1 dayEady J
November 2008LibelBriscoe Mitchell v Hodder & Staughton 10 daysTugendhat J
January 2009Libel ~ retrial Ivereigh v Assoc. Newspapers10 days Eady J
February 2009LibelAhmed v Shafique 5 daysSharp J
March 2009LibelGeorge v News Group Newspapers Ltd. 10 daysSharp J
April 2009Malicious Falsehood Quinton v Peirce5 days Eady J


  Most privacy injunctions are Applications Without Notice or With Notice with no attendance by defendants: so called John Doe injunctions. The very nature of this type of application means that they dealt with over night or at weekends and the court does not, according to HMCS, keep case records in these instances.

However, HMCS has been able to identify some listed matters which show the following:

Case title JudgeResult

9 April 2008
Mosley v News Group Newspapers Ltd Eady JRefused
17 July 2008KKK v Impey Eady JGranted ex parte unopposed
January 2009PQR v Pressdram Ltd Eady JRefused ~ Court of Appeal to give judgment 19th May 09
January 2009WER v REW Sir Charles GrayGranted
19 March 2009Barclays Bank Plc v Guardian News & Media Ltd Ousley J ~ overnight and Blake J next day Granted
Saturday 28 March 2009Nigel Griffiths MP v News Group Newspapers Ltd King JGranted

June 2009

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