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Examination of Witnesses (Question Numbers 20-39)


3 MARCH 2010

  Q20  Janet Anderson: But these community sports festivals you are organising are in London?

  Mr Dolley: No. It would be a national chain.

  Q21  Janet Anderson: So following on from Adrian Sanders' point, in my constituency in Lancashire if the local authority wanted to set one up, could they come to you for advice?

  Mr Dolley: Absolutely. We have set up a model that is revenue neutral for local authorities, because we understand that is something that local authorities like providing certain issues, such as the provision of the park and some help with waste management, and road closures. So that is absolutely something we can talk to, and the fact is Local Government Association has been most supportive with regard to the opportunity to roll-out communication about the events to local authorities.

  Q22  Chairman: Pressing you on the funding, you say you are confident this can be funded, but at the moment this is an expression of hope rather than fact, is it?

  Mr Dolley: To go to top Olympic partners, for example, during the last couple of weeks when they have all been in Vancouver would have been rather tricky. That said, I was in Vancouver and had some extremely positive discussions that I expect to be turned into more formal declarations of interest during the next couple of weeks.

  Q23  Chairman: So the Government has not formally announced that this is going to happen?

  Mr Dolley: By no means. They have set up some hurdles that need to be crossed first because the Government, having a very responsible attitude towards public funds, want to make sure that the whole commercial piece is very much in place before committing. Understandably.

  Q24  Chairman: So when do you hope this will be finalised and you can launch it?

  Mr Dolley: I would hope there will be a great deal more clarity around this before you next meet for an evidence session two weeks from now.

  Q25  Chairman: With some kind of endorsement from the Government?

  Mr Dolley: If I can meet the Government's very strict criteria with regard to ensuring commercial viability, and also with regard to making sure the impact is as great as it can be, because everybody involved in this project wants to make sure everything is having the maximum possible impact, and it is important to be able to demonstrate that.

  Q26  Chairman: We would commend the Government on their wish to make sure it is viable. Have you signed up any commercial support yet?

  Mr Dolley: I have declarations of interest but no one has signed a contract yet. It is a question of bringing everybody to the table at the same time, as I am sure you can imagine.

  Q27  Chairman: As far as you are aware, this is the only game in town which will deliver mass participation on this scale?

  Mr Dolley: On this huge scale with the explicit link to the Olympic Games, yes. I have been very grateful for the explicit support of the International Olympic Committee, who have made their support clear, I understand, to public bodies in the UK and who have been extremely helpful with regard to providing introductions to commercial partners.

  Chairman: We shall watch with interest. Thank you very much.

  Q28 Chairman: Good morning. I would like to welcome Baroness Ford and Andrew Altman. Would you like to make an opening statement?

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