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Written evidence submitted by PRS for Music

  Thank you very much for you letter dated 4 November, which I received today.

  I was in fact aware of the evidence given by Andrew Harrison and his colleagues from Radio Centre under questioning from Janet Anderson in the context of the above hearing on 27 October. I am very grateful for the opportunity to respond directly to the Committee on the various issues that arose.

  Keith Gilbert, our Managing Director for Public Performance Licensing (who was with me when we met) will be co-ordinating our response over the next few days. As a general observation, however, over the last year or so PRS has done a great deal of work in monitoring how it is perceived by potential licensees and has also introduced its Code of Practice. The comments made by both the questioner and the responses are simply not substantiated by our own experience, especially in more recent times.

  Additionally, you should know that we have generally a very good relationship with Radio Centre and have frequent meetings with them but, in particular, there is a meeting scheduled between Andrew Harrison and Andrew Shaw, our Managing Director of Broadcasting, Online and Recorded Media, and Keith Gilbert to discuss these issues directly.

Jeremy Fabinyi

Acting Chief Executive

November 2009

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