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Supplementary written evidence submitted by STV Group plc

  STV has reviewed the transcript of the evidence given to your Committee on the above date by Michael Grade of ITV plc.

  In relation to the relationship and dispute between ITV and STV, STV has concerns around the factual accuracy of a number of comments made by Mr Grade. Consequently, I am extremely concerned that the Committee has been misled on a number of important points.

  I therefore suggest that STV be afforded the opportunity to give further evidence to the Committee pertaining specifically to the points raised on Tuesday. I appreciate that we have already contributed to your work on local and regional media but, in light of Mr Grade's evidence now on record which we consider potentially damaging to STV, it is critical to grant STV the opportunity to set the record straight.

  I hope that this could be accommodated within your remaining schedule of evidence-gathering on this subject; if this is not possible, STV would be happy to contribute further in writing for the Committee's consideration.

  The Channel 3 network remains the UK's pre-eminent commercial public broadcasting service in which there is a significant public interest. It is vital that any debate around the licensees is fully and accurately informed.

Rob Woodward

Chief Executive

December 2009

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Prepared 6 April 2010