Memorandum submitted by Mr Ron Flowers (FP 06)


I am trying to make MP's of all parties and the Government aware of the fact that a large number of Electricity consumers supplied by re-suppliers do NOT have the same law to protect them as do consumers who are supplied directly by an Electricity Producer, ie the "Electricity Supply act 1989, under which a direct supplier has to obtain a court warrant before they can disconnect a supply, also a direct supplier must keep a "Register of Vulnerable Persons", Neither of these apply to a RE-supplier of Electricity. Who can disconnect at anytime without giving notice or reason for their actions.

May I please ask you to investigate this loophole in the present act which is being used to harass and intimidate this section of consumers and therefore give ALL electricity consumers the same protection. I would be very grateful for any help which you can give towards rectifying this
situation, also any comments you may have on this subject.


February 2010