Memorandum submitted by Grundfos Pumps Ltd (FP 19)





Grundfos Pumps Ltd is pleased to provide written evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee inquiry into Fuel Poverty.


1.1 Background to Grundfos. Grundfos Pumps Ltd are a UK leader in the supply of pumps and pump systems for domestic, commercial building services and process industry applications. The Company is part of the Grundfos Group who employs 18,000 people in sales and production roles in 78 companies worldwide. Founded in 1945, the Group now has an annual turnover of 1.9 billion and produces 16 million pumps per year. In the UK, we employ 370 people with a major manufacturing facility in Sunderland.


1.2 Energy Efficient circulator pumps and fuel poverty. Grundfos supports the introduction of a minimum rating of Band "C" for circulator pumps in UK building regulations. This will provide a major opportunity to reduce energy consumption in UK homes thereby reducing the level of fuel poverty.





2.1 Poor efficiency of existing stock. The vast majority of circulator pumps currently installed in UK homes are Band "D" or below. In the UK, there are an estimated 15 million stand-alone domestic circulators on regular boilers in the UK of which 90 per cent are Band "D" or less. However, less than 1 per cent of domestic pumps installed in the UK are Band "A".


2.2 Installer decision making process. Since 2006, Band "A" circulator pumps have been sold in the UK by a number of UK manufacturers with clear advantages for their users in terms of reduced energy bills and significant carbon savings. However, when circulator pumps fail, installers typically recommend a low-cost option to homeowners that want a speedy and cheap solution to make their central heating system work again. The homeowner is often unaware that by paying an additional 20 or so, they can have an energy efficient pump that will cut their energy bills. The payback period is commonly only 2-3 years which compares very favourably with other measures that householders could take such as installing double glazing.













2.3 Bring UK more into line with other European Countries. The UK should introduce minimum efficiency standards and consider other financial incentives to bring it more into line with other forward thinking European countries. For example, Germany and Denmark provide financial support, and promote the use and installation of high efficiency circulator pumps. In these two countries, the proportion of energy efficient pumps installed vastly exceeds that of the UK.


2.4 Help meet Carbon reduction targets. Enforcing a minimum Band "C" will help the UK Government meet carbon reduction targets. Waiting until the EuP Directive comes into force before implementing at least a minimum Band "C" for circulator pumps will allow energy efficient pumps to be installed for a further two years.





Grundfos Pumps Ltd welcomes the inquiry and urges the Committee to examine the important role that circulator pumps can play in reducing fuel poverty. The introduction of a minimum rating of Band "C" for circulator pumps in UK building regulations is needed to ensure that energy efficient pumps are installed. It is vital that this opportunity to reduce fuel poverty is not missed.



February 2010