Memorandum submitted by Tina Higgins (FP 58)

Paid contractor 256.86 for central heating system one boiler and one radiator.

Contractors said to us if they did not like the look of a job then they would put the price up so they didn't get it.

The contractors cut through our phone line we had no phone for 2 days they never even told us it was only when I went to make a phone call they admitted what they had done, they said don't worry about it, we did it the other week and the contractor will pay anyway.

The contractors had to pay BT 336.39.

The lads who installed the boiler in the loft where we did not want it as I do not like heights, and also drawn on our rafters.

November 2008 - 20th January 2009 - central heating did not work and the boiler needed filling every 2 weeks.

On 2nd December 2008 an a Mr C came out to look, and he condemned the boiler

6th January 2009 - central heating not working

8th January 2009 the contractors surveyors came out to inspect, and had taken photos of jobs that had to be put right

1. Condensation pipe went onto our flat roof, it should of gone into drain

2. No gas cut off tap in house if there was a leak

3. Filling taps in loft

4. No switch off boiler

5. Vent went through the wall too close to next doors window was meant to go through the roof

6. Gas meter was not earthed

10th January 2009 - central heating not working

14th - 20th January 2009 - jobs were put right (see list above)

9th February 2009 - central heating not working

12th February 2009 - central heating not working

24th September 2009 - central heating was serviced

26th December 2009 - boiler broken new part was needed (dry fire thermistor)

31st Dec 2009 - central heating not working, January 1st 2010 central heating not working, January 2nd 2010 central heating not working. From the 31st December for 3 days the emergency break down number picked up the phone and just put it back down. The 3rd Jan 2010 they came out and had to replace the pump.

In total the boiler has had new pump, new dry fire thermistor pcb.

30th January 2010 - central heating not working

3rd Feb 2010 boiler not working and the pipes in the loft banging very loud

Because of our confidence in warmfront we went out and bought a carbon monoxide smoke alarm for the loft.

We are also getting 3 quotes for reposition of the boiler to the kitchen

February 2010