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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Q 1  The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2009-10
First ReportThe work of the Committee in 2008-09 HC 58
Second ReportGreen Jobs and Skills HC 159-I and -II (HC 435)
Third ReportCarbon budgets HC 228-I and -II
Fourth ReportThe role of carbon markets in preventing dangerous climate change HC 290

Session 2008-09
First ReportWork of the Committee in 2007-08 HC 108
Second ReportEnvironmental Labelling HC 243 (HC 861)
Third ReportPre-Budget Report 2008: Green fiscal policy in a recession HC 202 (HC 563)
Fourth ReportReducing CO2 and other emissions from shipping HC 528 (HC 1015)
Fifth ReportReducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation: No hope without forests HC 30 (HC 1063)
Sixth ReportGreening Government HC 503 (HC 1014)

Session 2007-08
First ReportAre biofuels sustainable? HC 76-I & -II (HC 528)
Second ReportReducing Carbon Emissions from UK Business: The Role of the Climate Change Levy and Agreements HC 354
(HC 590)
Third ReportThe 2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review: An environmental analysis HC 149-I & -II (HC 591)
Fourth ReportAre Biofuels Sustainable? The Government Response HC 528
(HC 644)
Fifth ReportPersonal Carbon Trading HC 565
(HC 1125)
Sixth ReportReaching an international agreement on climate change HC 355
(HC 1055)
Seventh ReportMaking Government operations more sustainable: A progress report HC 529 (HC 1126)
Eighth ReportClimate change and local, regional and devolved government HC 225
(HC 1189)
Ninth ReportCarbon capture and storage HC 654 (Cm 7605)
Tenth ReportVehicle Excise Duty as an environmental tax HC 907 (HC 72)
Eleventh ReportThe Exports Credit Guarantee Department and Sustainable Development HC 929 (HC 283)
Twelfth ReportGreener homes for the future? An environmental analysis of the Government's house-building plans HC 566 (Cm 7615)
Thirteenth ReportHalting biodiversity loss HC 743 (HC 239)

Session 2006-07
First ReportThe UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment HC 77 (HC 848)
Second ReportThe EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Lessons for the Future HC 70
(HC 1072)
Third ReportRegulatory Impact Assessments and Policy Appraisal
HC 353
(HC 849)
Fourth ReportPre-Budget 2006 and the Stern Review
HC 227
(HC 739)
Fifth ReportTrade, Development and Environment: The Role of FCO HC 289
(HC 1046)
Sixth ReportThe Voluntary Carbon Offset Market HC 331
(HC 418)
Seventh ReportBeyond Stern: From the Climate Change Programme Review to the Draft Climate Change Bill HC 460
(HC 1110)
Eighth ReportEmissions Trading: Government Response to the Committee's Second Report of Session 2006-07 on the EU ETS HC 1072
Ninth ReportThe Structure of Government and the challenge of climate change HC 740
(HC 276)

Session 2005-06
First ReportGreening Government: the 2004 Sustainable Development in Government Report HC 698
Second ReportSustainable Timber HC 607 (HC 1078)
Third ReportSustainable Procurement: the Way Forward HC 740
Fourth ReportPre-Budget 2005: Tax, economic analysis, and climate change HC 882
(HC 195)
Fifth ReportSustainable Housing: A follow-up report HC 779
Sixth ReportKeeping the lights on: Nuclear, Renewables, and Climate Change HC 584
(HC 196)
Seventh ReportSustainable Development Reporting by Government Departments HC 1322
(HC 1681)
Eighth ReportProposals for a draft Marine Bill HC 1323
(HC 1682)
Ninth ReportReducing Carbon Emissions from Transport HC 981
Tenth ReportTrade, Development and Environment: The Role of DFID HC 1014
(HC 197)
Eleventh ReportOutflanked: The World Trade Organisation, International Trade and Sustainable Development HC 1455
(HC 354)
Twelfth ReportTransport Emissions: Government Response to the Committee's Ninth Report of Session 2005-06 on Reducing Carbon Emissions from Transport HC 1718

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