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List of further written evidence

The following written submissions were received after the publication of Social Care: Written evidence, HC 1021, Session 2008-09. They are reproduced with the Oral evidence in Volume II of this Report.

1  Parkinson's Disease Society (SC 19A)

2  Scope (SC 51)

3  Universities of Essex and East Anglia (SC 52)

4  Carol and Douglas Batchelor (SC 53)

5  COMPAS (ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford)
(SC 54)

6  MAP2030 Research Group (SC 55)

7  Anchor Trust (SC 56)

8  Circle Anglia (SC 57)

9  Resolution Foundation (SC 58)

10  Dementia Services Development Centre (SC 60)

11  Equality and Human Rights Commission (SC 61)

12  Department of Health (SC 01B)

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