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The following written submissions were received after the publication of Commissioning: Written evidence, HC 1020, Session 2008-09. They are reproduced with the Oral evidence in Volume II of this Report.
1Department of Health (COM 01A)
2Specialised Healthcare Alliance Survey Results (COM 91A)
3Patients Association (COM 110)
4National Osteoporosis Society (COM 111)
5Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) (COM 112)
6Professor Andrew Street (COM 113)
7NHS Alliance (COM 114)
8Dr Daphne Austin (COM 115)
9Dr Daphne Austin (COM 115A)
10Dr Pauline Brimblecombe (COM 116)
11Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust (COM 117)
12National Childbirth Trust (NCT) (COM 118)
13National Audit Office—Telephone Survey of PCT Commissioners COM 119)
14MEND (COM 120)
15 John Ford (COM 121)

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