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Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 18 February 2010.


Supplementary memorandum by the Department of Health (COM 01A)

Further memorandum by the Specialised Healthcare Alliance (COM 91A)

Memorandum by the National Osteoporosis Society (COM 111)

Memorandum by Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) (COM 112)

Memorandum by Professor Andrew Street (COM 113)

Memorandum by the NHS Alliance (COM 114)

Memorandum by Dr Daphne Austin (COM 115)

Further memorandum by Dr Daphne Austin (COM 115A)

Memorandum by Dr Pauline Brimblecombe (COM 116)

Memorandum by Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust (COM 117)

Memorandum by The National Audit Office (COM 119)

Memorandum by MEND (COM 120)

Memorandum by John Ford Esq (COM 121)

Memorandum by the Patients Association (COM 110)

Memorandum by NCT (COM 118)

Letter to Howard Stoate MP from the NHS Confederation (COM 101A)

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Prepared 8 April 2010