Appointment of HM CPS Chief Inspector - Justice Committee Contents

Conclusions and recommendations

1.  We note that "annual appraisal" appears amongst the terms and conditions for the appointment and we believe that the process of assessing the performance of the Inspectorate should include a review of feedback from stakeholders and periodic peer review, preferably by one or more individuals with current or recent experience of an equivalent inspectorate role. (Paragraph 12)

2.  We considered whether there is an argument in principle against appointing a senior police officer as HM Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service; but we have also taken account of Mr Fuller's personal qualities and the undesirability of unduly restricting the field from which the Chief Inspector can be recruited. Our conclusion is that we endorse Mr Michael Fuller's suitability for appointment as HM Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service. We also endorse his preliminary view of the character and priorities of his role and that of the Inspectorate. We welcome his grasp of the need for independence, specialist expertise where necessary and for an understanding of the criminal justice system as a whole. We expect him to call upon all his experience—as a leader, manager and innovator as well as a police officer—in pursuing his new responsibilities. (Paragraph 20)

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Prepared 1 February 2010