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Appendix 4

Text of the Framework for developing the international identity of Guernsey

[Jersey and the Isle of Man have agreed similar terms.][117]

Following the statement of intent agreed on 11 January 2006, the Chief Minister of Guernsey and the UK Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs have agreed the following principles. They establish a framework for the development of the international identity of Guernsey. The framework is intended to clarify the constitutional relationship between the UK and Guernsey, which works well and within which methods are evolving to help achieve the mutual interests of both the UK and Guernsey.

12. The UK has no democratic accountability in and for Guernsey which is governed by its own democratically elected assembly. In the context of the UK's responsibility for Guernsey's international relations it is understood that:

    The UK will not act internationally on behalf of Guernsey without prior consultation.

    The UK recognises that the interests of Guernsey may differ from those of the UK, and the UK will seek to represent any differing interests when acting in an international capacity. This is particularly evident in respect of the relationship with the European Union where the UK interests can be expected to be those of an EU member state and the interests of Guernsey can be expected to reflect the fact that the UK's membership of the EU only extends to Guernsey in certain circumstances as set out in Protocol 3 of the UK's Treaty of Accession.

13. Guernsey has an international identity which is different from that of the UK.

14. The UK recognises that Guernsey is a long-standing, small democracy and supports the principle of Guernsey further developing its international identity.

15. The UK has a role to play in assisting the development of Guernsey's international identity. The role is one of support not interference.

16. Guernsey and the UK commit themselves to open, effective and meaningful dialogue with each other on any issue that may come to affect the constitutional relationship.

17. International identity is developed effectively through meeting international standards and obligations which are important components of Guernsey's international identity.

18. The UK will clearly identify its priorities for delivery of its international obligations and agreements so that these are understood, and can be taken into account by Guernsey developing its own position.

19. The activities of the UK in the international arena need to have regard to Guernsey's international relations, policies and responsibilities.

20. The UK and Guernsey will work together to resolve or clarify any differences which may arise between their respective interests.

21. Guernsey and the UK will work jointly to promote the legitimate status of Guernsey as a responsible, stable and mature democracy with its own broad policy interests and which is willing to engage positively with the international community across a wide range of issues.

117   Jersey's Framework agreement can be found here:; the Isle of Man's Framework agreement can be found here: Back

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