Cutting crime: the case for justice reinvestment - Justice Committee Contents


1Association of Chief Police Officers Ev 147
2Professor Cynthia McDougall OBE, University of York Ev 148
3David Faulkner, University of Oxford Centre for Criminology Ev 151
4David Ottiwell, Greater Manchester Community Safety Partnership Team Ev 153
5Department for Communities and Local Government Ev 156
6HM Inspectorate of Probation Ev 160
7Howard League for Penal Reform Ev 163
8International Centre for Prison Studies Ev 166
9International Drug Policy Consortium Ev 170
10Leicester City Council Ev 173
11Local Government Association and Clinks Ev 178
12The Magistrates' Association Ev 182; 184
13Michael Marcus, Circuit Court Judge Ev 185
14Ministry of Justice Ev 192; 206; 208; 212; 219; 221; 230
15NacroEv 233
16NapoEv 236; 240
17National Audit Office Home Affairs and Justice Value for Money team Ev 241
18NOMS, Ministry of Justice Ev 242
19New Directions Team Ev 243
20new economics foundation Ev 246; 250
21Partnerships in Care Ev 251
22Paul Kiff, University of East London Ev 252
23Policy ExchangeEv 253
24Prison Governors Association Ev 257
25Prison Reform Trust Ev 258
26Probation Boards' Association Ev 263
27Probation Chiefs' Association Ev 264
28Public and Commercial Services Union Ev 265
29RainerEv 269;274; 276
30Restorative Justice Consortium Ev 285
31Revolving Doors Agency Ev 288
32RL Glasspool Charity Trust Ev 291; 293
33Rob Owen, St Giles Trust Ev 293
34Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health  Ev 295
35Sarah Pearce, University Hospital of North Durham Ev 300
36Turning Point, Centre of Excellence in Connected Care Ev 300
37Victim SupportEv 304
38West Yorkshire Police Intensive Offender Management Pilot Ev 306
39  Youth Justice Board Ev 308; 315; 323

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Prepared 14 January 2010