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The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.
Session 2008-09
First ReportCrown Dependencies: evidence taken HC 67  (HC 323)
 Second ReportCoroners and Justice Bill HC 185  (HC 322) 
Third ReportThe work of the Information Commissioner: appointment of a new Commissioner HC 146  (HC 424) 
Fourth ReportWork of the Committee in 2007-08 HC 321
Fifth ReportDevolution: A Decade On HC 529  (Cm 7687)
Sixth ReportSentencing Guidelines and Parliament: Building a Bridge HC 715  (Cm 7716)
Seventh ReportConstitutional Reform and Renewal: Parliamentary Standards Bill HC 791  (HC 1017)
Eight ReportFamily Legal Aid Reform HC 714  (HC 1018 and HC 161)
Ninth ReportThe Crown Prosecution Service: Gatekeeper of the Criminal justice System HC 186
Tenth ReportDraft Sentencing Guideline: overarching principles—sentencing youths HC 497
Eleventh ReportConstitutional Reform and Renewal HC 923  (HC 1017)
Twelfth ReportRole of the Prison Officer HC 361
Session 2007-08  
First ReportProtection of Private Data HC 154  (HC 406)
Second ReportWork of the Committee in 2007 HC 358
Third ReportCounter Terrorism Bill HC 405  (HC 758)
Fourth ReportDraft Constitutional Renewal Bill (provisions relating to the Attorney General) HC 698  (Cm 7689)
Fifth ReportTowards Effective Sentencing HC 184  (Cm 7476)
Sixth ReportPublic Appointments: Lord-Lieutenants and High Sheriffs HC 1001 
(Cm 7503)
Seventh ReportAppointment of the Chair of the Office of Legal Complaints HC 1122  (HC 342)

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