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Annex 1

Analysis of Responses by Members

The Committee sent an email to all Members asking for their views on the following points:

  • Do you think that Secretaries of State in the House of Lords should be more directly accountable to the House of Commons?
  • If so, do you think that such scrutiny should take place in the Chamber, Westminster Hall or another forum?
  • Should such scrutiny take the form of questions or also include debates?

As of 25 February, 34 Members had responded. The results are summarised in the tables below:

  • Should Lords Ministers be more accountable?

Those against the proposal were against blurring the lines between the different institutions, as well as Members who were strongly of the opinion that ministers should not be drawn from the Lords.

One Member considered that such scrutiny should be carried out through select committees, with practices modified so that all Members could take part in that section of the proceedings.

  • Where should such scrutiny take place?
Westminster HallChamber EitherOther fora
1411 22

The other fora suggested were committees, including select committees, and question sessions in a committee room.

Those suggesting the Chamber included responses limiting attendance by Ministers to the bar of the House or to exceptional occasions.

  • What form should scrutiny take?
Questions onlyDebates and questions

Of those responses supporting debates and questions, several expressed a stronger preference for questions than for debates.

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