Accountability to the House of Commons of Secretaries of State in the House of Lords - Procedure Committee Contents

List of written evidence

1  Email from Chairman to Members of the House

2  Rt Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

3  Rob Marris MP

4  Dr Phyllis Starkey MP

5  Mr Brian H Donohoe MP

6  Nick Harvey MP

7  Adam Afriyie MP

8  Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP

9  Steve McCabe MP

10  Mr Graham Brady MP

11  Ms Gisela Stuart MP

12  Sir Patrick Cormack MP

13  Rt Hon Denis MacShane MP

14  Dr Brian Iddon MP

15  Rt Hon George Howarth MP

16  Lindsay Roy MP

17  Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP

18  Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith MP

19  Hugh Bayley MP

20  Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory MP

21  Rt Hon Sir George Young, Shadow Leader of the House

22  Mr Andrew Tyrie MP

23  Office of Rt Hon Dr Gavin Strang MP

24  Mr Bernard Jenkin MP

25  Glenda Jackson MP

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