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The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.
Session 2009-10
First ReportBad Language: The Use and Abuse of Official Language HC 17 (HC 394)
Second ReportWork of the Committee in 2008-09 HC 20
Third ReportSelection of a new Chair of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments HC 42 (HC 139)
Fourth Report
Fifth Report
Sixth Report
Seventh ReportParliament and the Ombudsman
Lobbying: Developments since the Committee's First Report of Session 2008-09
Top Pay in the Public Sector
Outsiders and Insiders: External Appointments to the Senior Civil Service HC 107
HC 108 (HC 393)
HC 172
HC 241
Session 2008-09
First ReportLobbying: Access and influence in Whitehall HC 36 (HC 1058)
Second ReportJustice Delayed: The Ombudsman's Report on Equitable Life HC 41 (HC 953)
Third ReportEthics and Standards: Further Report HC 43 (HC 332)
Fourth ReportWork of the Committee in 2007-08 HC 42
Fifth ReportResponse to White Paper: "An Elected Second Chamber" HC 137 (HC 59)
Sixth ReportJustice denied? The Government response to the Ombudsman's report on Equitable Life HC 219 (HC 569)
Seventh ReportFurther Report on Machinery of Government Changes HC 540
Eight ReportGood Government HC 97 (HC 1045)
Ninth ReportThe Iraq Inquiry HC 721 (HC 992)
Tenth ReportLeaks and Whistleblowing in Whitehall HC 83
Session 2007-08
First ReportMachinery of Government Changes: A follow-up Report HC 160 (HC 514)
Second ReportPropriety and Peerages HC 153 (Cm 7374)
Third ReportParliament and public appointments: Pre-appointment hearings by select committees HC 152 (HC 515)
Fourth ReportWork of the Committee in 2007 HC 236 (HC 458)
Fifth ReportWhen Citizens Complain HC 409 (HC 997)
Sixth ReportUser Involvement in Public Services HC 410 (HC 998)
Seventh Report Investigating the Conduct of Ministers HC 381 (HC 1056)
Eighth ReportMachinery of Government Changes: Further Report HC 514 (HC 540, Session 2008-09)
Ninth ReportParliamentary Commissions of Inquiry HC 473 (HC 1060)
Tenth ReportConstitutional Renewal: Draft Bill and White Paper HC 499 (Cm 7688)
Eleventh ReportPublic Services and the Third Sector: Rhetoric and Reality HC 112 (HC 1209)
Twelfth ReportFrom Citizen's Charter to Public Service Guarantees: Entitlement to Public Services HC 411 (HC 1147)
Thirteenth ReportSelection of a new Chair of the House of Lords Appointments Commission HC 985
Fourteenth ReportMandarins Unpeeled: Memoirs and Commentary by Former Ministers and Civil Servants HC 664 (HC 428, Session  2008-09)
Session 2006-07
First ReportThe Work of the Committee in 2005-06 HC 258 
Second ReportGoverning the Future HC 123 (Cm 7154)
Third ReportPolitics and Administration: Ministers and Civil Servants HC 122 (HC 1057, Session 2007-08)
Fourth ReportEthics and Standards: The Regulation of Conduct in Public Life HC 121 (HC 88,  Session 2007-08)
Fifth ReportPensions Bill: Government Undertakings relating to the Financial Assistance Scheme HC 523 (HC 922)
Sixth ReportThe Business Appointment Rules HC 651 (HC 1087)
Seventh ReportMachinery of Government Changes HC 672 (HC 90,  Session 2007-08)
Eighth ReportThe Pensions Bill and the FAS: An Update, Including the Government Response to the Fifth Report of Session 2006-07 HC 922 (HC 1048)
Ninth ReportSkills for Government HC 93 (HC 89)
First Special ReportThe Governance of Britain HC 901
Session 2005-06
First ReportA Debt of Honour HC 735 (Cm 1020)
Second ReportTax Credits: putting things right HC 577 (HC 1076)
Third ReportLegislative and Regulatory Reform Bill HC 1033 (HC 1205)
Fourth ReportPropriety and Honours: Interim Findings HC 1119 (Cm 7374)
Fifth ReportWhitehall Confidential? The Publication of Political Memoirs HC 689 (HC 91, Session 2007-08)

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