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5  Organisational and operational issues

The date of publication of the annual report on strategic export controls

97. We have expressed dissatisfaction in our previous Reports at the timing of the publication of the annual reports on strategic export controls.[156] The Government has stated that as the final annual collation of data from across Government did not take place until April, it would not be possible to publish its annual report before April each year.[157] Therefore, we are disappointed that the 2008 Annual Report was not published until August 2009. We repeat our recommendation that the Government aim to publish its 2009 Annual Report on UK Strategic Export Controls by the end of May 2010.


98. In previous Reports we have recommended that the Government include monetary information on the management and enforcement of export controls in future annual reports on strategic export controls.[158] As we stated in our last Report, this was because we considered the information necessary for the scrutiny of the management and enforcement of export controls.[159] We need to know what resources are going into export control and particularly whether the resources are increasing or decreasing year on year.

99. The Government provided a table in its 2008 Annual Report showing the allocation of resources for consideration of export licence applications.[160] This is reproduced below in Table One.

Table One: Government resources
HMRC/RCPO/UKBA Resources £3,087,500
ECO £4,011,000
FCO £450,000

Source: United Kingdom Strategic Export Controls: Annual Report 2008

100. We noted that the table did not include reference to the MOD, despite that department acting in a policy advisory capacity alongside FCO and DfID which were represented in the table. We recommend that the 2009 Annual Report on United Kingdom Strategic Export Controls include a further breakdown of the information on the resources for consideration of export licence applications, showing the resources allocated to the Ministry of Defence.

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