Scrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2010): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2008, Quarterly Reports for 2009, licensing policy and review of export control legislation - Committees on Arms Export Controls Contents

Annex 1: Visit to HMRC

In January 2010, we made an informal visit to HMRC offices in Whitehall. This followed up a previous visit to the Port of Southampton in May 2008 where the Committees had examined the detection and enforcement operations in place at the UK border.

Members participating in the visit:

Business, Innovations and Skills Committee Foreign Affairs Committee International Development Committee
Roger Berry (Chairman) Mike Gapes

Sir John Stanley

John Battle

Andrew Stunell

Officials attending visit:

Aaron Dunne    Head of Counter Proliferation, HMRC

Vivian O'Horo  Senior Policy Advisor, HMRC

Chris Berry    Senior Investigation Officer, HMRC

John Richardson  Senior Investigation Officer, HMRC

Lee Barham    Senior Policy Advisor, HMRC

Peter Milroy    Assistant Director Operations, HMRC

John Isaac    Assistant Director, UKBA

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