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5  Future work

62.  We have a full programme of work planned for the 2009-10 session. It includes inquiries, as already mentioned, on geoengineering and bioengineering as well as continuing our evidence check series of inquiries with an examination of the evidence underpinning homeopathy. If time permits, we are planning to examine further examine matters which were of long-term significance and to return to the debate on the strategic priorities of research funding, which Lord Drayson raised. We have also arranged a one-off evidence session with Professor Alan Thorpe, Chairman of Research Councils UK (RCUK).

63.  We also want to reflect on, and set out, our experience scrutinising science policy and the use of science within government. We are therefore planning to produce a "legacy report" drawing on the work we have done, setting out the matters that we have not been able to cover in the short session before the end of this Parliament and setting out our observations and conclusions on matters that a successor may wish to consider and examine.

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