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Memorandum submitted by Edward Dilley (CRU 02)

  I was most interested to read that the Parliamentary S&T committee will be investigating the alleged UEA "Climategate" shenanigans.

  To assist the committee to "bone up" beforehand on the background to the Climate Change saga, I have today ordered two books which should be despatched to yourself. They are "Heaven and Earth, global warming: the missing science" by Plimer, and "The Real Global Warming Scandal" by Booker. Please accept them with my compliments.

  I found both books excellent at putting climate change in true perspective, though neither author sits on the fence!

  I am a retired, charted Chemical Engineer, and have no direct commercial or political axe to grind. I am merely a concerned citizen who does not wish to sit by while others may take major, ill-informed decisions because they have been misled.

  I do receive a small pension from Chevron and from British Sugar. I also lead occasional Process Control training courses for ESD Simulation Training of Aberdeen.

  I hope the committee enjoy the books.

January 2010

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Prepared 31 March 2010