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Memorandum submitted by Walter Radtke (CRU 04)

  Subsequent to these investigations should be the creation of a permanent government body chartered to receive and investigate whistle blower data from ALL branches of science. Climategate reflects a near-institutional disregard for scientific method for reasons of funding, ideology or dynastic departmental positioning that exists in the disciplines of physics, astronomy, archaeology, etc. Competing theories to foundational hypotheses in all disciplines exist but see little light of day. Without publication, there is no funding, without funding there is no competing research; simple, eh.

  When was the last time you read an account of big bang's rival- steady state cosmology? Just for fun, pick up a copy of the book "Seeing Red" by astronomer Edwin Hubbel's chief assistant Halton Arp and discover why big bang may be a complete waste of taxpayer funded research money.

  Other such cases exist and are not hard to track down as most researchers accused of heresy and frozen out of publishing, access to research tools and funding, subject to vilification by peers, and so on, will write books on their findings for the general public.

  Also to be considered would be an investigation of the PhD program in all disciplines to verify the many reports of doctrinal prejudice, ideology filtration, sycophancy, etc. Books have been written about this problem, search Amazon for starters.

January 2010

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Prepared 31 March 2010