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Memorandum submitted by Peter Sinclair (CRU 09)

  I refer to your comments which appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 23 January.

  "There are a significant number of climate deniers, who are basically using the UEA emails to support the case this is poor science. We do not believe this is healthy and therefore we want to call in the UEA so that the public can see what they are saying."

  I find your brief statement very disturbing in several respects.

  It is very offensive to describe as "deniers" those who do not believe that carbon dioxide is the primary cause of climate change. This lays bare your prejudice.

  You do not believe that such scientific scepticism is healthy. Scepticism and debate should be at the heart of the scientific process, which is why peer review is so important. It is a pity that this process was corrupted by CRU.

  You want to call in the UEA so that the public can see what they are saying. So, this so-called enquiry is actually designed to be a public stage for AGW and UEA propaganda to convince the public that the science is not rotten after all. Is this what you meant by that comment?

  I'm sure that the UEA and its cronies will be very supportive to try to safeguard the many millions of dollars of funding that the CRU has generated. The public is well informed (though not by the MSM and not ever by the BBC) so I think any banging of the AGW drum will further erode their low opinion of climate scientists.

  Does the rest of your committee share your view of the topic?

  I initially welcomed the involvement of your committee and I was planning a contribution, but now I don't see any point.

January 2010

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