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Memorandum submitted by Martin Brumby (CRU 12)

  I write to you as Chair of the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee.

  I understand from a report on the BBC News website that the Committee has requested an explanation of the apparent wrongdoing at the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, including extensive cherry picking and manipulation of raw data, use of inappropriate statistical methods and computer programming, refusal to comply with legitimate FOI requests and destruction of data that has been requested under FOI and systematic attempts to prevent publication of research papers which conflicted with their opinions.

  I respectfully remind you that, whatever your own view of the "science", that these "scientists" are in receipt of very considerable funds from the public purse and that the computer models they have constructed and the papers they have published have been hugely influential in the policy of all three major Political Parties in the UK and are effectively the only "evidence" (as opposed to bold assertions) that there is any "Dangerous Global Warming" and that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are responsible for this.

  I suggest that a proper Inquiry into this affair is essential. I also suggest that the rumoured use of Lord Rees of Ludlow to hold an UEA inquiry is completely unacceptable as he is a well known AGW alarmist.

  The same objection applies to Professor Sir John Houghton, chair of the IPCC's first science panel, who says "he would not support an inquiry as many of those demanding one were biased" And he isn't perhaps?

  I strongly suggest that if anyone is to have confidence that an Inquiry is not just another Greenie alarmist whitewash, this must be a job for a High Court Judge who has not allowed himself to be embedded into either the "alarmist" or "skeptic" camps.

January 2010

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Prepared 31 March 2010