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Memorandum submitted by Anne Stallybrass (CRU 41)


  1.  I am involved in an environmental group, Green World Trust. In that capacity my interest is both environmental and human, as a responsible planetary citizen. GWT were about to establish a local Transition Towns initiative (a fast-growing movement that strives to harness creative grassroots responses to the "twin threats" of global warming and Peak Oil). But this needed adherence to Anthropogenic Global Warming. I investigated the science; it took eight solid weeks which turned into a nightmare as I uncovered a monster, whose tentacles appeared to have gone very deep, with bad science in very many areas.


  2.  Much of what I say here has to be general, since the emails leak is but a part of a larger problem that needs changes in the law to protect the integrity of science in future; such changes require a proper understanding and investigation of the larger problem. The references provide the detail I cannot provide here. There must be freedom of debate, and public access to scientific data and methodology used to advise on global policies regarding Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and any scientific matters requiring public response.


  3.  The scientific conclusion I reached was, eventually, unequivocal; manmade global warming is so small, if it exists at all, and natural variations are so much larger, that our current contribution to warming cannot even be measured. Always, CO2 follows temperature, it did not lead in the past and it does not lead now; its greenhouse gas qualities are already at near-maximum effect. One factor that has seriously compromised the measurements of temperature, and has not been adequately reckoned with by either CRU, NOAA, or GISS, is the Urban Heat Island effect. Despite recent UEA denials (2/2/10), Jones' 1990 study that claimed UHI is not a serious problem, is still seriously challenged, regarding the provenance and trustworthiness of the Chinese records, and the behaviour of his co-author Wang. Several amateur studies, done out of volunteers' own pockets, have showed UHI of up to several degrees (1), which when translated to the global temperature records, is estimated to remove more than half the warming of the last century. And warming is, on balance, beneficial, not harmful. I could answer every single scientific "answer to skeptics", that has been issued by the BBC, the Royal Society, and so on. I wrote up my story, and the scientific basis for my conclusions, on the GWT website, to make this grave matter accessible to ordinary folk who had no time or inclination for study as I had had. Many, including many readers of the Times Higher Educational Supplement, have thanked me for this work. (2)


  4.  I found, with the declaration by Al Gore and others that there was "consensus" among all reasonable scientists, that my hitherto-assumed freedom to question or dissent had vanished. Those who doubted the "consensus" have been likened to holocaust deniers. All the science organizations have been putting out what I now know is bad science. Children at school are being taught lies—the most frightening lie being the demonization of CO2, since all increase is beneficial to plant growth and harmful to nothing.

  5.  The need to re-include "citizens' science", just as a court of law includes "12 just men and true": Simple checks the professionals could have easily done, unpaid volunteers have done instead. UHI is only one of several major problems with the three surface temperature records used for IPCC, all of which skew the temperatures towards an apparent warming effect. Skeptics have found the same small network of players behind them all; the only "objective" check has come from the painstaking researches of the few who have seen through the bad science and have not been under intolerable pressure to stay silent.





February 2010

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Prepared 31 March 2010