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Memorandum submitted by J Ronan (CRU 56)

  With respect to the oral submissions and questions taken on 1st March, I would like to make the following comment.

  Dr Evan Harris had an interesting line of questioning concerned with the "Hide the Decline". In his questions he was probing whether the information on how the splicing was done was covered in the literature. Prof Jones' reply indicated that the information was there if you knew where to look for it.

  Dr Harris and the committee may not be aware that the main importance of this spliced data was that the diagrams generated were used extensively in the IPCC reports, in other presentations by, for example, Al Gore, and most importantly in the IPCC Summary for Policy Makers. In none of those cases would it be easy for the interested parties to be aware of what had been done in disguising the lack of matching between the tree ring record and the instrumental record.

  Thus the great importance of the "hidden decline" is not that any interested scientist could not have dug up the information (although a fair amount of digging would be required even then) but that it was used to mislead policy makers and politicians, who would not have been aware of the "trick" in the data.

March 2010

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Prepared 31 March 2010