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Evidence Check 1: Early Literacy Interventions

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 9 December 2009.

Oral evidenceTaken before the Science and Technology Sub-Committee on

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Members present:

Mr Phil Willis, in the Chair Dr Evan Harris
Mr Tim BoswellDr Brian Iddon
Mr Ian CawseyGraham Stringer


Memorandum submitted by the Every Child a Chance Trust (LI 14)

Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Every Child a Chance Trust (LI 14a)

Memorandum submitted by Professor Robert Slavin (LI 32)

Witnesses: Professor Bob Slavin, Director, Institute for Effective Education, University of York, Director, Centre for Research and Reform in Education, Johns Hopkins University, Jean Gross, Director, Every Child a Chance Trust, and Professor Greg Brooks, Research Director, Sheffield arm of the National Research and Development Centre, University of Sheffield, gave evidence.

Question Numbers:


Memorandum submitted by Dyslexia Action (LI 07)

Witnesses: Dr Chris Singleton, Director, Lucid Research Ltd, Senior Research Fellow, University of Hull, Professor Julian Elliott, Director of Research, School of Education, Durham University, and Shirley Cramer, CEO, Dyslexia Action, gave evidence.

Question Numbers:


Memorandum submitted by Professor Julian Elliott (LI 33)

Memorandum submitted by Dr Chris Singleton (LI 35)

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