Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy - Science and Technology Committee Contents

Memorandum submitted by Katherine Boulderstone (HO 05)

  1.  The phrase "homeopathic products" is meaningless in this context. There are no products that are produced by the application of homeopathy.

  2.  The word "homeopathic" cannot be used to describe a product. A remedy is only "homeopathic" when matched to an individual according to the law of similars. It cannot be homeopathic in isolation but only in relationship to the state it is homeopathic to.

  3.  Pharmacists and some homeopaths do sometimes use the term "homeopathic" to describe a potentised remedy, but it is scientifically incorrect and leads to confusion over the definition of homeopathy.

  4.  Potentised remedies are sometimes, but not always, used as part of the application of the homeopathic method of healing.

  5.  Homeopathy is not synonymous with very dilute substances.

  6.  Instead of the phrase "homeopathic products", I suggest the more accurate term "potentised substances" or "potentised remedies".

November 2009

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Prepared 22 February 2010