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Memorandum submitted by Irish Health Trade Association (HO 47)

  If I may, I would like to refer you to the website of the South African Faculty of Homeopathy. The faculty provides training in homeopathy for medical doctors.

In particular, I would like to refer you to a page of the website titled: Research in Homeopathy


  There you will find the following:

    1. A debunking of the myth that homeopathy "works" by a placebo effect.

    2. A highlighting of some randomized clinical trials and the meta-analyses of these trials that show homeopathy has a positive clinical effect.

    3. A presentation of outcome studies, large case series and research that demonstrates high rates of patient satisfaction with homeopathic treatment.

    4. A look at the laboratory research and a meta-analysis of these trials that all show that homeopathy has a multitude of effects in laboratory conditions.

  There follows a demonstration of how research has shown that homeopathy is:

    — Safe.

    — Cost-effective and offers an opportunity for resource-conscious health authorities to provide additional health benefits for their populations.

  Homeopathy and funding is then examined in a South African context as follows:

    — Increasing numbers of patients and medical doctors are using homeopathy.

    — More medical doctors are being trained in homeopathy.

    — Funders are prepared to pay for homeopathy.

  Research that gives encouraging indications as to how homeopathy works is also presented.

Dr Alan G Ruth

Chief Executive Officer

Irish Health Trade Association

November 2009

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Prepared 22 February 2010