HO 34a


Supplementary memorandum submitted by the

Department of Health


Letter from Rt Han Mike O'Brien QC MP, Minister of State for Health Services, to the Chairman of the Committee, 16 December 2009


I refer to your letter dated 2 December 2009 in which you asked for a note on a supplementary question - 'To what extent does the support of the Royal Family for homeopathy influence the Department's policy to continue to support homeopathic services? More specifically, have members of the Royal Family made representations to the Department in respect of homeopathy?"


The Department does not maintain a position on any complementary or alternative treatments, including homeopathic services, leaving decisions on their use by the National Health Service, to the National Health Service.


The Department engages with a wide range of stakeholders when formulating policy, We consider all such views on their merits.


Ministers have sometimes had contact with members of the Royal Family. For example, the Secretary of State occasionally has meetings with members of the Royal Family the most recent of which was with HRH Prince Charles on 29 October 2009. These are private meetings, have no fixed agenda and cover a wide range of topics of interest to both parties, which may sometimes include homeopathy.


I hope that this is helpful.


Yours sincerely,



Minister of State for Health Services

December 2009