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Work of the Committee 2008-09 - Treasury Contents

5  Annex 2: Treasury Sub-Committee sessional return

Treasury Sub-Committee

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The Committee was nominated by the House of Commons on 13 July 2005.

Fallon, Mr Michael (Chairman)

Ainger, Nick

Brady, Mr Graham

Breed, Mr Colin

Cousins, Jim

Crabb, Mr Stephen (discharged 9.2.09)

Keeble, Ms Sally

Love, Mr Andrew

McFall, John

Mann, John (added 12.1.09)

Mudie, Mr George (discharged 13.7.09)

Plaskitt, James (added 13.7.09)

Simon, Mr Siôn (discharged 12.1.09)

Thurso, John

Todd, Mr Mark

Tyrie, Mr Andrew (added 9.2.09)

Viggers, Sir Peter

Overall Attendance:

Meetings attended

8 out of 8

7 out of 8

6 out of 8

5 out of 8

3 out of 8

0 out of 1

7 out of 8

6 out of 8

8 out of 8

2 out of 8

1 out of 4

2 out of 4

0 out of 0

8 out of 8

8 out of 8

3 out of 7

7 out of 8

72.3 %

Total number of meetings: 8

Of which:
Number of meetings at which oral evidence was taken 6
Number of times oral evidence was taken partly or wholly in private 0
Number of wholly private meetings 2
Number of concurrent meetings with other committees 0
Other activities
Informal meetings1
Conferences/Seminars hosted 0


Details of the permanent staff of the Committee during the Session can be found in the Committee's publications.

Specialist Advisers during the Session


Oral evidence was given during the Session by the following categories of witnesses:
Number of appearances by:
Other Ministers2
Number of appearances by officials from, or representatives of:
HM Treasury3
Government Departments reporting to the Chancellor of the Exchequer comprising:
Office of Government Commerce 1
National Savings and Investments 1
Royal Mint1
UK Debt Management Office 1
Number of appearances by officials from or representatives of public bodies and non-Ministerial departments comprising:
HM Revenue and Customs 2
Appearances by other witnesses 4

Overseas Visits


Visits to European Institutions


UK Visits
DateDestination MembersStaff PurposeCost
6.5.09Debt Management Office, London Fallon, Ainger, Brady, Breed, Keeble, Love, Viggers 3Inquiry into the Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments, 2007-08 £94.62

Reports and Oral and Written Evidence


Government replies to Reports for Session 2007-08

Not applicable.

Formal Minutes

The Formal Minutes of the Committee were published electronically after each meeting of the Committee. They are available on the Committee's website at





Number of oral evidence sessions for each inquiry during the Session
InquiryNumber of oral evidence sessions
Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments, 2008-09 3
Evaluating the Efficiency Programme 3

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Prepared 11 December 2009